Zaynini Fashion International is a company creating remarkable and unique pieces that bring together intricate patterns and stitching to reflect the rich history and culture in each clothing and accessories item created and re-created through a method called "up-cycling. "

Established over a decade ago, Zaynini, which stands for "make me beautiful," in the Arabic language, began its brand in design, production, marketing, and retail of its products in accordance with the latest fashion forecasting and trends. Zaynini pieces have a distinct flair and are produced with the intent to promote the importance of identity.

Zaynini Creator and designer, Samaher Mohammad, is a 38 year old American-Arab with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts & Fashion Design from the International Academy of Design and Technology, graduating with High Honors. A native of metro Detroit, Michigan and from a proud Palestinian heritage, Samaher has united her western and eastern identities, infusing her work with the richness of her individuality.

Having worked on numerous fashion shows across the nation, she has collaborated with retail conglomerates, local and regional boutiques and bridal stores to showcase her designs and help facilitate and provide quality pieces for viewing and purchase. She has received countless commendations and awards, including a Fashion Oscar at IADT's First Annual Dream Fashion Show and has had her work recognized by Good Morning America while a guest was wearing a jersey she created.

Samaher has a keen ability to create unique one-of -a-kind patterns and styles which have gained her popularity among the communities she has worked with. In March 2007, she traveled to the Middle East where she developed her first pieces under the label, Zaynini.

Her fashion line was first showcased at Metro Detroit's Arab International Festival, the largest of its kind in North America with over 400,000 attendees, and was praised in a variety of publications including Forbes, Hour Magazine, The Detroit News and Free Press along with local television news outlets. Zaynini was also featured on International TV Networks, ART and Al-Jazeera.

Samaher loves that her designs and accessories transcend all age, geographical, and ethnic boundaries. She seeks to up-cycle fabrics , designs and accessories to produce pieces that help others connect in a more profound way to their fashion choices. Not only a fashion designer, Samaher sees her work helping to build bridges of understanding and engage people in more fluid and healthy conversations.

Her talents and unique pieces Have garnered the attention of Hip Hop icons Eminem, Obie Trice, 50 Cent, America's Next Top model, Naima Mora, Tatiana Ali, as well as other celebrities, who have collaborated with Samaher over the years.

A source of pride for Samaher and the Zaynini label is the acceptance of her "Unity Thobe" design to the Arab American National Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. This distinctive and admired fashion piece continues to be on display at AANM.

Samaher Mohammad's work was also featured in the documentary, "Our Arab American Story," which aired on ABC-WXYZ Channel

About the Designer

Samaher Mohammad-Bayyari, is a Palestinian- American designer. Her passion in fashion started at a young age where she then pursued her dreams and received a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Fashion Design from the International Academy of Design and Technology with High Honors. A native of metro Detroit Michigan and from a proud Palestinian heritage, Samaher has united her western and eastern identities, and infused them into her work with richness and individuality.

Based in California Bay Area now, Samaher is taking the time to spread her passion across the states and internationally for all to enjoy.