Custom Mask Order Request

We offer one-of-a-kind “peaces” of art upscaled from vintage fabrics. Re-fashioning vintage pieces into modern & functional parts of our lives that pay tribute to our heritage & sense of identity.

Please email your custom order request to with the following information:

⭐️Select a Style:

  1. Fitted
  2. Pleated

⭐️Select your fabric (choose 2 for a double sided reversible item):

  1. Tatreez
  2. Keffiyah/Hatta
  3. Kashmir
  4. Silk
  5. Cotton 

*special order -

  1. Henna
  2. Bridal 

⭐️Select your ear/facial band:

  1. Elastic ear bands
  2. Fabric head ties
  3. Rabat rope
  4. Adjustable elastic

⭐️Add options if desired:

  1. Nose wire
  2. Filter pocket
  • All Zaynini face masks are hand made with love
  • All items sold on a first come first serve basis 
  • All items available while supplies last 
  • Slight variations in each piece will occur due to being hand made up-cycled pieces taken from a larger traditional garment. 
  • Custom orders/options require longer production and shipping times.

DISCLOSURE: Due to the nature of the current pandemic and the custom/handmade nature of these pieces, there are limited supplies and materials. Only certain styles, colors and prints are available at a given time. There can be a variation of hatta color and tatreez pattern made with the same styles.